Repeat Customers

Three fourths of the Norris family came by again today to play with kittens.

There are rumblings in the air that they have taken a shine to Mr. Mulder.  Cross your fingers.  I would like for the little fella to stay in the neighborhood.  We must get Nathan over here to subject him to ten ounces of irresistible kitty!

Catherine had to give each kitten a kiss goodbye. Well, NOT the one in the litter box. 🙂

Later we had three handsome young men visit our back porch.

Master Tripp, Master Michael & Master Robby

They had so much fun, they came back later that afternoon.

I return the kittens to the shelter on May 8th.  Come by for playtime or to pick out your favorite.  Mulder wants to show you how cute he is when he curls his little tail.

Wouldn't this little guy be a great addition to your family?

Learning Curve

Lori does her best to feed everyone but she is so skinny!  Despite our efforts to fatten her up, she remains so.

She tries to find refuge from her 8 hungry children, but they eventually invade her space and steal precious calories.

Hey guys, she's up here!

I am supplementing the kitten’s diet with soft kitten food so that they are not solely dependent on mom for sustenance.  Mr. Mulder, however, still does not know how to eat from a plate or drink water from a bowl.  I continue to give him a bottle three times a day and make sure he has a couple of meals alone with his mommy as well.  He’s playful and seems to be thriving despite the fact that he is about half the size of my fattest kitten.

Mulder kicks back after his bottle.

He did hit a milestone this morning on the kitchen scale.  He finally hit ten ounces!  To give you some perspective on how far behind the other kittens he is, consider that Billy & Natasha both weighed ten ounces when they came here THREE WEEKS AGO!

Mulder & Natasha

Expedition Discovery!

The kittens go all over the house now and they recently “discovered” the couch.

Three seconds after this photo was taken, Natasha “discovered” gravity.

Follow me guys!

The Mulder/Jim love fest continues…

He never sleeps on me like this.

I had a great visit with a dear old friend this weekend.  Marcie and I went to gradual school together at Mississippi State in the late 1980s and have kept in touch all these years.  Neither of us could remember how long it had been since we’d been together but we made up of lost time for the 24 hours she was here.

I won’t reveal her age because you wouldn’t believe me anyway.  Just let me say that whatever deal she’s made with the Devil, I want in on it!

I have to say that it is a bit irritating that all of my girlfriends look like kids.

Seriously Tama, is this necessary?

Mulder and Jimmy Sittin’ in a Tree…

Mulder has found his favorite person and it ain’t me.

Attacking the hairy finger!

Tuckered Out.

One half of the Norris family came by to play today.  I had to keep a close eye on Will so he wouldn’t stuff these two in his pockets on his way out the door!

Michelle proved to be an expert bottle feeder.  She got an ounce of formula into my tiny one.

The kids are getting more and more active now.  I’ll close with this adorable video of them playing.

Basket O’ Cuteness

The kids are starting to fill the kitty bed.  They take naps together less and less and spend more and more time “foraging” and playing.

I poured a bit of the kitten formula on a shallow plate to let them lick it clean.  Little Mulder is the only kitten who doesn’t know how to do it.  I still feed him daily with her bottle.

He still has to fight for a spot at Lori’s table.  Don’t worry, I give him several private dining experiences with mom every day.

I give up.

Billy was fascinated with a bird video on Jim’s lap top.

Mulder, not so much

Jim wanted me to make sure his Marine Corps Half-Marathon logo showed up in the picture.

We know you’re a stud-muffin sweetie.  🙂

PS, Jim did NOT really say that.  You knew that already.

Gender Bender

First let me announce that Mulder weighs 8 ounces!  (The crowd goes wild!) AND Mulder is a boy!  Apparently Jim is good at figuring out which ones are male.  Might be because he is familiar with the equipment.  He hasn’t done an exhaustive examination of all the kittens, but for now we think we should change Natasha’s name to Nate.  And for even more exciting news, (well it’s exciting to me) the kittens are starting to use the litter box!  I saw evidence yesterday that someone other than Lori had used the facilities, and it was so cute I almost took a picture.  Aren’t you glad I refrained?  Our 23-year-old kitten came by this weekend to meet the babies.

She was MUCH harder to potty train!

We’re helping Mulder gain some weight by using a recipe from the Humane Shelter and a kitten baby bottle.  If you’ve never fed a kitten with a bottle, please come try it.  I have two babies that I’m trying to fatten up other than Mulder and I only have two hands!

I’ve made a little playground for the kittens and they seem to really like it.

At least once a day you can find them squeezed into a small kitty condo that Buster is loaning them for now.

Come join us Buster! We'll make room.

They’ve recently discovered the food and water too.

What's this stuff?

Poor Lori is now unable to escape her babies for some alone time now that they are mobile.

What fresh hell is this?

The babies are four weeks old today.  Come by soon to play with them.  If I remember correctly from my last fostering experience, week four is officially the cutest kitten age!

Mew Mew Mew!

The Underweights

There are usually three kittens who get an extra private dining experience with Mommy Lori.  If a kitten lost weight, or did not gain weight, they get 3 or 4 sessions with mom away from the little fatties.  Mulder ALWAYS gets extra feedings because he/she weighs the least and is gaining more slowly than any of the others.  Right this minute, Mulder, Kurt & Harriot are getting an extra breakfast.  I keep a chart for the kitty weights and at the moment Natasha weighs 15.25 oz. and Mulder weighs 7.25.  I use my kitchen scale and a small basket to weigh each kid every morning.  They do not enjoy the experience.

I make sure Mulder gets mom all to herself once a day so she has no competition for food.  I also make sure Lori gets a special treat for taking time out of her busy day to do all these feedings.  This morning she got 3 sardines before she fed her tiny one.

We were worried about our little adopted kitten because she was super skinny and gaining verrrrry slowly, but I think she’s out of the woods now.  I guess you can tell which one is my favorite.  🙂

Two more neighbors came by to meet the little puff balls.

Jaymee, you need to take one of these home to Legion!

I’m afraid Buford and Pork Chop would make a tasty snack out of Natasha.

And this one wouldn’t even be an appetizer!

Gary, meet Mulder!