The Sleep of the Innocent?

I don’t know how innocent these guys are.  They act more like little devils than little angels.  They start their day with a hearty breakfast of kitten food and goat’s milk.  Lori has her adult soft cat food in privacy on the screen porch while the little ones eat like maniacs on my kitchen rug.  Turn the volume up and just listen to the noise.  Sounds a lot like my dad when he eats!

Then they fly around the house like their tails are on fire for about an hour.  No, I mean literally, they fly.  Ask my friend Susna.  She’ll tell you about the time we were sitting on the couch having a conversation and all the little fur balls kept whizzing by our heads.  It’s like a room full of flying squirrels.

Then, after some serious playtime they all collapse in a heap wherever they happen to run out of steam.

One thing you can be sure of; little Mulder never sleeps alone.  Once in a while you’ll find a lone kitten slumbering in solitude, but Mulder not only likes to sleep with a buddy, he has a favorite.  My biggest kitten Nathasha/Nate is his bestest fweind.

Whether in a small group or just the two of them, wherever you find Nate, you’ll find Mulder.

I find it funny, that his best pal is the opposite of my tiny white kid.  I guess opposites really do attract.  I’m mean, look at Jim and me!

Their favorite spot is the double decker kitty condo.

This used to be Buster's house, but he's sharing for now.

I have the babies for 11 more days.  You know where to come for one-stop kitty shopping!  You simply will not find better merchandise in the River Region!

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