At six weeks of age, kittens must go back to the shelter for their shots.  So this morning, I fed the little pester-butts at 5:30 AM.

We need two plates now!

I got the carrier ready and shoved them inside with a lambskin blanket. Then I took them to Animal Intake where Miss Tayunia was happy to check them all in.  First, she had to weigh each one. Mulder didn’t make the cut so he’ll have to get his shots in two weeks when I bring the kittens back for adoption.  I wish I had known that they had to weigh a certain amount because I could have left him at home with Miss Lori.  He sure would have enjoyed all the private dining opportunities!

Then Tayunia put the babies in a little jail cell while I went to school.  I was going to have to leave them there for two 1/2 hours since I couldn’t take them into class with me!  They would’ve thought Moby Dick was horribly boring anyway I’m sure.

Not a life sentence kitties. I'll be back to get you out on bail.

When I arrived to pick them up, they were very quiet and huddled together in a bunch.  We drove home and I put them on the porch.

We like this better!

Here’s the live action version.

I’m happy to have them home and getting a little sad that they’ll only live here for two more weeks.   I can’t say enough about the folks at the Montgomery Humane Shelter.  They not only do a professional job, but they do it with compassion and love.  I hope everyone who gets a pet considers this place first when they want a sweet animal who needs a good home.  THANKS GUYS!

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