Welcome Back Miss Layla

This young lady has appeared in my blog more than any other human besides Jim.  She has been visiting the Burlingame Petting Zoo since she was just a little girl!  Her NaNa and my BFF Susna brings her over often to play with bunnies, chickens and especially KITTENS!

I remember when I could sit like that!

Nothing like hearing a little girl squeal when she sees a basketful of fluffies.

Her mom actually took this picture and I promise, this is a real kitty.  It did not come from Toys R Us!

Natasha, are you sure you're a real kitten?

Layla tried to cheer Missy up, but she remained in a grouchy mood.

Girl, she's been grouchy for 17 years.

Miss L. never leaves the grounds without giving “Busty” some love.

She's the only one allowed to call me that!

She also met our newest resident, Tommy the Turtle.

Tommy needs a friend. Hey neighbors, bring me any terrapins you may find around the lake please!

After the ladies left, the kittens were all abuzz about the visit.

Come back anytime you happy little girl!  Miss Debbie will never run out of cute aminals.

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