Repeat Customers

Three fourths of the Norris family came by again today to play with kittens.

There are rumblings in the air that they have taken a shine to Mr. Mulder.  Cross your fingers.  I would like for the little fella to stay in the neighborhood.  We must get Nathan over here to subject him to ten ounces of irresistible kitty!

Catherine had to give each kitten a kiss goodbye. Well, NOT the one in the litter box. 🙂

Later we had three handsome young men visit our back porch.

Master Tripp, Master Michael & Master Robby

They had so much fun, they came back later that afternoon.

I return the kittens to the shelter on May 8th.  Come by for playtime or to pick out your favorite.  Mulder wants to show you how cute he is when he curls his little tail.

Wouldn't this little guy be a great addition to your family?

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