Learning Curve

Lori does her best to feed everyone but she is so skinny!  Despite our efforts to fatten her up, she remains so.

She tries to find refuge from her 8 hungry children, but they eventually invade her space and steal precious calories.

Hey guys, she's up here!

I am supplementing the kitten’s diet with soft kitten food so that they are not solely dependent on mom for sustenance.  Mr. Mulder, however, still does not know how to eat from a plate or drink water from a bowl.  I continue to give him a bottle three times a day and make sure he has a couple of meals alone with his mommy as well.  He’s playful and seems to be thriving despite the fact that he is about half the size of my fattest kitten.

Mulder kicks back after his bottle.

He did hit a milestone this morning on the kitchen scale.  He finally hit ten ounces!  To give you some perspective on how far behind the other kittens he is, consider that Billy & Natasha both weighed ten ounces when they came here THREE WEEKS AGO!

Mulder & Natasha

6 thoughts on “Learning Curve

  1. Well done, foster mom! You might try adding calorie gel to Lori’s food. It’s empty calories, but she probably needs that right now.

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