Basket O’ Cuteness

The kids are starting to fill the kitty bed.  They take naps together less and less and spend more and more time “foraging” and playing.

I poured a bit of the kitten formula on a shallow plate to let them lick it clean.  Little Mulder is the only kitten who doesn’t know how to do it.  I still feed him daily with her bottle.

He still has to fight for a spot at Lori’s table.  Don’t worry, I give him several private dining experiences with mom every day.

I give up.

Billy was fascinated with a bird video on Jim’s lap top.

Mulder, not so much

Jim wanted me to make sure his Marine Corps Half-Marathon logo showed up in the picture.

We know you’re a stud-muffin sweetie.  🙂

PS, Jim did NOT really say that.  You knew that already.

4 thoughts on “Basket O’ Cuteness

  1. They are all adorable. What will happen to mama cat? Older ones are hard to adopt out. Hope she gets a good place, too.

  2. Remember two years ago when I did this? All kitties including mamma got adopted. She’s a very sweet girl and I’ll be volunteering there so I’ll extole her virtues to all potiential kitty parents. I got her back!

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