The Underweights

There are usually three kittens who get an extra private dining experience with Mommy Lori.  If a kitten lost weight, or did not gain weight, they get 3 or 4 sessions with mom away from the little fatties.  Mulder ALWAYS gets extra feedings because he/she weighs the least and is gaining more slowly than any of the others.  Right this minute, Mulder, Kurt & Harriot are getting an extra breakfast.  I keep a chart for the kitty weights and at the moment Natasha weighs 15.25 oz. and Mulder weighs 7.25.  I use my kitchen scale and a small basket to weigh each kid every morning.  They do not enjoy the experience.

I make sure Mulder gets mom all to herself once a day so she has no competition for food.  I also make sure Lori gets a special treat for taking time out of her busy day to do all these feedings.  This morning she got 3 sardines before she fed her tiny one.

We were worried about our little adopted kitten because she was super skinny and gaining verrrrry slowly, but I think she’s out of the woods now.  I guess you can tell which one is my favorite.  🙂

Two more neighbors came by to meet the little puff balls.

Jaymee, you need to take one of these home to Legion!

I’m afraid Buford and Pork Chop would make a tasty snack out of Natasha.

And this one wouldn’t even be an appetizer!

Gary, meet Mulder!

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