Pre-Easter Photo Shoot

Our neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a crawfish boil for the adults yesterday.  I thought it would be fun to have parents bring the rug rats down to my neck of the woods to take photos with a close personal friend of the Easter bunny.  So I posted a flyer on my mail room bulletin board and also posted an announcement on our neighborhood FB wall.  Everyone could bring their cameras from 10-4 and take some cute pictures of their children with Buster and a basket full of kittens.  So…I cleaned up my yard and removed every evidence of the two-day chicken sleepover.

I saved one vestige of our beautiful chicken coop.

I put Buster in a kid-friendly enclosure…

I boiled a dozen farmers’ market eggs…

All natural color, dyed by God.

…and put a little collection jar for parents to contribute to a worthy cause.

Turnout was a little lower than expected.  (one family showed up)

My friend and neighbor, Paula, brought her children and grandchildren to meet Buster and the kittens, and take lots of photos.  The kids were adorable and they all seemed to enjoy the experience.  Buster was on his best behavior and he even tossed his baby keys for the crowd.

After a short bout of stage fright.

At one o’ clock I went on the front porch to see if I could flag anyone down.  Leslie and Durward were driving by in their golf cart with two huge cameras on their laps.  They are neighbors and also photographers who were documenting our neighborhood activities for the Waters’ Facebook page.  I hollered and asked if they would like to pictures of a real Easter Bunny and they pulled over.  I had never met either of them.  They might have just been curious about the nutty lady yelling at them about the Easter Bunny.  They overcame their fear and were happy to take photos of Buster, as well as the kittens.

Miss Lori made sure that I wasn't subjecting her babies to any child labor violations.

The white-hot light of the paparazzi!

About two hours went by and a man walked by with two small children.  Again, I lured them into my back yard with promises of cute bunnies and kittens.  (Parents please tell your children to beware of adults who do this!)

Turns out he and his family will be moving in soon to a lovely new house on my street.  We began chatting and found out that he and my husband knew many of the same people in their years in the Air Force.  (Very small world)

Dennis and Tama showed up and Dennis got a tiny helping of Mulder love.

Does this photo remind anyone else of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS?

All in all it was a fun day and we collected a whopping SIX DOLLARS for the Montgomery Humane Shelter ($5 was from Jim & me).

The jar will remain on the back porch for anyone who missed yesterday’s photo-op.  The animals get cuter every day so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Happy Easter!

5 thoughts on “Pre-Easter Photo Shoot

  1. Wish we were closer. We would definitely be there to hug the babies and contribute! We had a nice day. Joe P. and Regan were here. Hugs,

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