Last Chicken Time (No, really, this time I mean it!)

I do spend a lot of time and effort on “chicken transport.”  I’ve finally figured everything out now and there will be no more chickens in our menagerie until we move to a place where chickens are allowed and where we can provide lots of room and happiness for them.

We had a nice final evening with the ladies and are looking forward to taking them to Debbie’s chicken paradise in Tuskegee.  Through a strange coincidence, it turns out that GT went to high school with Debbie’s husband Walter and has not seen him in many years.  So tonight will actually be a reunion for these two guys.  Here are some nice pictures of my cute hubby and my beautiful chickens enjoying the last of Tama’s grapes.

Miss Lori met Violet and then checked out the coop.

What kind of crazy foster home have I landed in?

After the chickens leave, can this be my vacation home?

As the girls perched on my worn out lawn chairs and preened before bed, I realized that I will not be too sad to let them go this time.  Although I gave them the best home I could possibly give them, I know they’ll be much happier living a country chicken life at their new “Debbie’s” house.  Scarlett loves it there and maybe they’ll be nice to her when they meet this time.  This adventure has been fun, crazy and very educational.  It seems appropriate that Rosie, Daisy & Violet will turn ONE next week.  Then, they are officially chickens.  Up to now they’ve been “pullets”.  Happy birthday ladies!  Make a wish!

My big girls

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