Daisy's best side!

Only temporarily.  I picked up the chickens and the coop from the Hampstead farm yesterday.  The coop was hard for the kids to handle because it takes two adults to move and the lid is very heavy to lift off for cleaning.  Plus they have 12 new chicks that they will release next week into the run and it was likely that Rosie, Daisy & Violet wouldn’t be the welcoming committee!  I want to thank the Montessori students, teachers and Farmer Anne for taking care of my girls these last few months.  But I must say it is quite fun to have the ladies in my back yard for an extended sleepover.

I think Tama was more excited to see them than I was.  She brought grapes (I was out) and we put the girls through their routine of performing for their treats.

Daisy can still get some space between grass and bird even though she is quite the zaftig lady.

Go Daisy!

They were quite happy to see the fencing removed from their beloved pansy bed.

But they were even happier to see the winter greens I planted right before they left last January.

Is this Disneyland Violet?

Watch as they enjoy the bounty.

And here is what’s left of my garden.

Do I mind? Nope.

They remembered about “chicken time” and they each took a turn sitting with the humans.

Daisy’s plumage has changed slightly.  Everyone noticed she looked “blonder”.

Only her hairdresser knows for sure!

My pal G.T. helped me transport the coop from Hampstead farms to my back yard.  You might remember that we borrowed his muscles and his truck before to get them there in the first place.  AND the poor guy will take them to my friend Debbie’s chicken Shangri la in Tuskegee tomorrow evening.  He refuses to take any money or favors for his services, but I’m hoping he won’t refuse the 50 pound bag of chicken feed I bought for his flock.  Do I deserve such friends?  No.  Am I glad to have them? Yes!

Jim came home from work and joined Tama and me in the backyard.  It was just like old times and I will miss them once again when they leave tomorrow.

For now I’m enjoying some chicken entertainment and some delicious eggs during their brief visit.  I did call the neighborhood office and alert the powers that be about the chicken sleepover.  So far the authorities are letting us enjoy our little misdemeanor.

5 thoughts on “They’re BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  1. Chicks gotta work for dey vittles? I am quite sure there’s a Child Labor Law Violation in there somewhere! ;).

    • Hey Boo, did you know there is a documentary called HEY, BOO. It’s about the life of Harper Lee and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD!
      And don’t worry about the child labor laws. They’re grown-ups this week! It’s their 1 year birthday!

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