Cute on a Stick!

OK, if someone can tell me what’s cuter than a three-week old kitten please do!

Billy gettin' some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs!

Kurt dreaming about milk. He wonders why his mom can't make the chocolate kind?

OK, I knew it would happen soon.  The kittens are figuring out how to get out of their kitty box.  Guess which one did it first?

Mulder leads the way!

Trouble is, he can’t figure out how to get back.  He cries his wittle head off!  He made his way to this giant brown fuzzy thing to ask for help, but got none.

How do you shut this thing up?

Here is a very cute little video of the kitties waking up from their 17th nap of the day and trying to play with each other.

I promise they’re not drunk.  They just act like it.

I’ll close with a nice picture of one of our apple trees beginning to blossom.

You don’t think of apple trees when you think of Alabama.  We’re trying to grow them anyway.  We have two trees (we call it our orchard) and last year only one produced apples.  They tasted like CRAPPLES!  Maybe we’ll have better luck this time.  Happy Spring!

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