The kittens have found a new favorite napping place.

This is called the “Mommy Chair” because it’s my favorite.  Looks like there’s no room for the mommy.

I snapped a very cute picture of Ebony & Ivory on the couch.

Mulder and Kurt gettin' some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

And yesterday, I filmed Mr. Mulder cruisin’ off to sleepytown next to his best buddy, Nate.

No need for Ambien in this house!  Nine more days of kittymania left!  Come play while you still can.

The Sleep of the Innocent?

I don’t know how innocent these guys are.  They act more like little devils than little angels.  They start their day with a hearty breakfast of kitten food and goat’s milk.  Lori has her adult soft cat food in privacy on the screen porch while the little ones eat like maniacs on my kitchen rug.  Turn the volume up and just listen to the noise.  Sounds a lot like my dad when he eats!

Then they fly around the house like their tails are on fire for about an hour.  No, I mean literally, they fly.  Ask my friend Susna.  She’ll tell you about the time we were sitting on the couch having a conversation and all the little fur balls kept whizzing by our heads.  It’s like a room full of flying squirrels.

Then, after some serious playtime they all collapse in a heap wherever they happen to run out of steam.

One thing you can be sure of; little Mulder never sleeps alone.  Once in a while you’ll find a lone kitten slumbering in solitude, but Mulder not only likes to sleep with a buddy, he has a favorite.  My biggest kitten Nathasha/Nate is his bestest fweind.

Whether in a small group or just the two of them, wherever you find Nate, you’ll find Mulder.

I find it funny, that his best pal is the opposite of my tiny white kid.  I guess opposites really do attract.  I’m mean, look at Jim and me!

Their favorite spot is the double decker kitty condo.

This used to be Buster's house, but he's sharing for now.

I have the babies for 11 more days.  You know where to come for one-stop kitty shopping!  You simply will not find better merchandise in the River Region!

Mother Martha

No, she’s not a nun, but she does the Lord’s work!  Martha is a good friend, neighbor, and fellow cat lover.

Due to Martha’s efforts and the efforts of several other compassionate neighbors, our neighborhood’s feral cat situation is SO much better now than a few years ago.  I asked her to write a short sentence about each of her cats for today’s post.  Below is the short version of how she came to keep 4 rescue cats indoors and one outside.

Casper, Tess, Boo & Stripe. Martha's Peaceable Kingdom. CUTE TOES MIKE!

CASPER is 12, (all black) and was adopted from our old vet – he and his brothers and sisters had been abandoned on his door step.

TESS is 9.  She is a Rag Doll, but we got her from a rescue breeder in Georgia.

BOO (huge, 20+ pounds) was rescued from behind the Market (our neighborhood restaurant, Martha used to manage).   I fed him some bacon and he thought he had gone to heaven!  He had been closed up somewhere, and only weighed 7 pounds.  He had a smashed foot, neuralgia, all kinds of stuff, but we got him fixed up and he has certainly thrived!  He’s the one who carries socks all around the house.

And STRIPE…  he was born at the Waters (our neighborhood) – his father was Rufus (feral), who walked around the Waters meowing all the time, and his mom was a beautiful Siamese type feral cat who I named Priscilla.  He had a brother, RJ, who was run over in the alley behind our house, and Mama is his only other sibling.  We had sort of tamed Stripe, but Memorial Day several years ago I found him in the carport, bleeding and scared.  Someone had taken the initiative to shoot him, thankfully only in the leg, and it didn’t break any bones.  We got him patched up and he’s been inside ever since.

Mama, the last carport kitty. She is Stripe's sister.

So, that is the story of our brood.  They are all rescues of one sort or another and all have totally different personalities.  Because of my soft heart, our carport became the feeding ground for Waters feral cats for many years.  We are down really to only mama, but we have captured countless kittens, and adults too, and have taken them to get fixed and we released them or gave them to the shelter along with a donation.

My turn…I have met Martha’s cats and they are beautiful and healthy.  She really does have a cat that carries socks all over the house, and I’ve never visited her without seeing several scattered all over her floor! (she’s actually a fastidious housekeeper, so don’t get the wrong idea!) And to the upstanding citizen who shot Stripe….I hope you’re reading this, and I hope you feel rotten.  Maybe you’ll feel better if you send a hefty donation to our local animal shelter.  How ’bout it?

Martha keeps a picture of my foster family from 2010 on her fridge.  Everyone remembers the sweet mom, Sadie and her 6 adorable babies.  You can see baby Rowdy and Sammy looking straight at the camera in this one.

Sadie, Sadie, unmarried lady.

Another neighbor who has done a great deal to  help keep down the feral cat population here is my pal Michelle.  I finally got her entire family over to my house last weekend to see the kittens.  Between the wife and the two adorable children I’m hoping Nathan will lose his resistance and agree to adopt one of the babies.  C’mon Nathan, you know resistance is futile!

The only thing missing from this picture is apple pie and baseball.

I want to close this entry by thanking everyone who does their part to help homeless animals.  I do the fun part, but it’s folks like Martha who do the real work.  Thank you Miss Martha!


At six weeks of age, kittens must go back to the shelter for their shots.  So this morning, I fed the little pester-butts at 5:30 AM.

We need two plates now!

I got the carrier ready and shoved them inside with a lambskin blanket. Then I took them to Animal Intake where Miss Tayunia was happy to check them all in.  First, she had to weigh each one. Mulder didn’t make the cut so he’ll have to get his shots in two weeks when I bring the kittens back for adoption.  I wish I had known that they had to weigh a certain amount because I could have left him at home with Miss Lori.  He sure would have enjoyed all the private dining opportunities!

Then Tayunia put the babies in a little jail cell while I went to school.  I was going to have to leave them there for two 1/2 hours since I couldn’t take them into class with me!  They would’ve thought Moby Dick was horribly boring anyway I’m sure.

Not a life sentence kitties. I'll be back to get you out on bail.

When I arrived to pick them up, they were very quiet and huddled together in a bunch.  We drove home and I put them on the porch.

We like this better!

Here’s the live action version.

I’m happy to have them home and getting a little sad that they’ll only live here for two more weeks.   I can’t say enough about the folks at the Montgomery Humane Shelter.  They not only do a professional job, but they do it with compassion and love.  I hope everyone who gets a pet considers this place first when they want a sweet animal who needs a good home.  THANKS GUYS!

Welcome Back Miss Layla

This young lady has appeared in my blog more than any other human besides Jim.  She has been visiting the Burlingame Petting Zoo since she was just a little girl!  Her NaNa and my BFF Susna brings her over often to play with bunnies, chickens and especially KITTENS!

I remember when I could sit like that!

Nothing like hearing a little girl squeal when she sees a basketful of fluffies.

Her mom actually took this picture and I promise, this is a real kitty.  It did not come from Toys R Us!

Natasha, are you sure you're a real kitten?

Layla tried to cheer Missy up, but she remained in a grouchy mood.

Girl, she's been grouchy for 17 years.

Miss L. never leaves the grounds without giving “Busty” some love.

She's the only one allowed to call me that!

She also met our newest resident, Tommy the Turtle.

Tommy needs a friend. Hey neighbors, bring me any terrapins you may find around the lake please!

After the ladies left, the kittens were all abuzz about the visit.

Come back anytime you happy little girl!  Miss Debbie will never run out of cute aminals.

Mulder Update

Mr. Mulder weighs just over 12 ounces this morning.  He has tripled in size since he came to live with us.  I do not have to feed him with a bottle anymore.  This week he learned to eat some soft Kat Fud mixed in with his formula.  He’s not too good at it yet, but he does manage to clean the saucer.

He has a “milk mustache” when he’s finished.

Make that a "milk face".

Aren’t his blue eyes beautiful?

He’s gotten much more active and he playfights like his brother’s and sisters.  His favorite opponent is Jim’s finger.  Listen for the OUCH!

I’ll close with this cute photo of my beloved and patient husband asleep on the couch.  The babies made a bed out of him.

"Jimmons" Beauty Rest mattress

Kitty Kontinuation

Life continues without incident on the Burlingame farm.  In addition to baby felines we have another little family on the premises.

Four little gooselets...geeslings...geeses.

I don’t know if it’s the same couple or a new one, but every year we have one or two little families of geese.  I love seeing them.  It makes the sidewalk poop almost worth it.

Buster has gotten used to the eight little fur balls.  He even seems to enjoy being in the thick of them when they’re playing.

Mulder, what kind of cat is Buster?

The kittens are exploring the house and climbing on everything.  I found Billy stuck to a blanket hanging off my couch.

I have no idea how long he'd been there.

We have two kitty condos on the porch for the babies.  They always choose the smallest one to hide out in.

Mulder thinks we can't see him. Shhhhhhhhhhhh, don't spoil his fun.

I caught this cute moment when Jim was “playing the piano” on the couch and the kittens watched his every move.

I really have way too much fun and apparently way too much time on my hands. 🙂

Repeat Customers

Three fourths of the Norris family came by again today to play with kittens.

There are rumblings in the air that they have taken a shine to Mr. Mulder.  Cross your fingers.  I would like for the little fella to stay in the neighborhood.  We must get Nathan over here to subject him to ten ounces of irresistible kitty!

Catherine had to give each kitten a kiss goodbye. Well, NOT the one in the litter box. 🙂

Later we had three handsome young men visit our back porch.

Master Tripp, Master Michael & Master Robby

They had so much fun, they came back later that afternoon.

I return the kittens to the shelter on May 8th.  Come by for playtime or to pick out your favorite.  Mulder wants to show you how cute he is when he curls his little tail.

Wouldn't this little guy be a great addition to your family?

Learning Curve

Lori does her best to feed everyone but she is so skinny!  Despite our efforts to fatten her up, she remains so.

She tries to find refuge from her 8 hungry children, but they eventually invade her space and steal precious calories.

Hey guys, she's up here!

I am supplementing the kitten’s diet with soft kitten food so that they are not solely dependent on mom for sustenance.  Mr. Mulder, however, still does not know how to eat from a plate or drink water from a bowl.  I continue to give him a bottle three times a day and make sure he has a couple of meals alone with his mommy as well.  He’s playful and seems to be thriving despite the fact that he is about half the size of my fattest kitten.

Mulder kicks back after his bottle.

He did hit a milestone this morning on the kitchen scale.  He finally hit ten ounces!  To give you some perspective on how far behind the other kittens he is, consider that Billy & Natasha both weighed ten ounces when they came here THREE WEEKS AGO!

Mulder & Natasha

Expedition Discovery!

The kittens go all over the house now and they recently “discovered” the couch.

Three seconds after this photo was taken, Natasha “discovered” gravity.

Follow me guys!

The Mulder/Jim love fest continues…

He never sleeps on me like this.

I had a great visit with a dear old friend this weekend.  Marcie and I went to gradual school together at Mississippi State in the late 1980s and have kept in touch all these years.  Neither of us could remember how long it had been since we’d been together but we made up of lost time for the 24 hours she was here.

I won’t reveal her age because you wouldn’t believe me anyway.  Just let me say that whatever deal she’s made with the Devil, I want in on it!

I have to say that it is a bit irritating that all of my girlfriends look like kids.

Seriously Tama, is this necessary?