Cutest Kitten Evah!

Little Mulder was sleeping all alone in the kitty bed and I started filming her hoping she would do something super cute.  She did not disappoint.  Watch til the end to see a cute stretching kitten.

We still have “chicken time” but now it is “chicken-less”.  😦

Buster chooses a chair.

Checks out his winter garden for a nibble.

Too much cabbage! More romaine lettuce next time!

Strikes a jaunty pose.

The ladies love this view.

And he plans adventures with his posse.

What shall we do today Buster?

Sometimes we get nice neighbors over to check out the new babies.

Andrew, Siamese looks very good on you!

OK, one last look at Mulder the 5 ounce wonder kitty!

I know I be so cute.

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