New Tricks and Old Ladies

One of the kittens managed to get out of the kitty bed and couldn’t figure out how to get back in.

Soon there will be no containing the little monsters, but for now they’re still pretty helpless.

Ron & Renay came by to get their “kitty” on yesterday.

Renay, I think you look pretty good holding little Mulder!  He/she doesn’t take up much space.  You’d hardly notice one more kitty!

recently some friends of ours lost their 20-year-old cat.  She went to kitty heaven and they miss her a lot.  It made me think of Boots and how she’ll be 17 next week.  She’s still beautiful and feeling pretty good for an old lady.  See for yourself.

I know I'm gorgeous, just don't ask me to move too fast.

If you have an older animal in your home who’s given you devotion and love for many years, go give them a gentle hug and a treat.  Boots says do it now!

2 thoughts on “New Tricks and Old Ladies

  1. I have a 15 year old chihuhua/jack russell mix that I just hugged, thank you very much! Her name is Dixie Belle, a name I gave her before discovering her personality! She is no southern belle!

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