Little Baby Angel Biscuit

OK, Jill you didn’t know I was transcribing your comments to the little snuggle ball you were cooing to, did you?  Jill and her twin Julie dropped by yesterday for some kitty love.

These two gals transformed into babbling toddlers when they got their hands on a kitten.

It happens to the best of us.  Thank goodness there were no cameras in my kitchen when I was dancing with little Billy this morning.  I lead.  He didn’t know the steps.

And hey, Skeeter?  For someone who’s not really “crazy about kittens” you and Rick sure do come over a lot! 🙂  How ’bout I just get you a key made!

Is that a kitten on my shoulder?

The babies are two weeks old tomorrow and they are beginning to fill up my kitty box.  For now they still mostly sleep the sleep of the innocent and only wake for dinner, but soon I’ll have KITTYMANIA when they start to explore outside the box.  I can’t wait.

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