And They Just Keep Coming

More visitors arrived to see the kittens.  We rudely woke Mulder from her nap.

Later the entire Adams family dropped in for a Kitty Fix.

Dennis NOT being a Menace

Meggie and Billy sittin' in a tree...

My friend Skeeter came by to meet the litter.

She’s not really used to cats or kittens but she took the plunge and picked one out.  She held little Kurt like he was a stick of dynamite.

They won't break Skeeter!

Later we all retired to the living room with our own kitten to play with.

Notice the beach towel I put down for Skeeter.  You may be shocked to know that my furniture is often furry.  Her all-black attire would have been toast without the towel.

The following is a short video showing Mulder working as hard as she can to get her dinner.  Notice how she puts her whole body into the job!

Now we need to pay some attention to our little Mama.  None of this fun would have been possible without her.

You sure are a sweet girl Miss Lori!

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