WARNING!  If you are allergic to “cute”, please avert your eyes,  AND DO NOT CLICK ON THE VIDEO!

This is my little foster family for the next eight weeks.  Lori and her eight kittens (one is adopted) will live with us and learn to behave in a home so they can be more “adoptable”.  The shelter doesn’t have the facilities to keep moms and their litters because they need to be isolated from other cats and yet integrated into a home environment.  I was a foster mom two years ago and that’s how Rowdy and Sammy came into our family.  I fostered six kittens and kept two.  I am determined NOT to keep any of these darlings because frankly, I need more animals like I need more holes in my heed!

The throngs are gathering to pet and cuddle these little bundles, and the first two visitors were my dear neighbors Tama & Terri.  Wanna see a magic trick?  OK, here goes…watch as I turn two fully grown women into babbling, cooing four-year-old girls…

That’s not all!  Watch how their DAUGHTERS magically appear 30 minutes after the mother’s departure…

Tama’s favorite is little Natasha.  She is the only solid black kitten in the group.

This might actually be a Tribble.

The little white dude (actually Siamese colored) is named Mulder.  I did not name the kittens; the Shelter names them so they can keep up with health records.  He is the runt and also the adopted baby that Lori graciously added to her litter.  He’s tiny, but tough.  Watch for him as he struggles to the top of the pile…

Lori spends most of her day eating, sleeping and nursing her babies in my office.  It’s the only room that I can close off in the house so she can have peace and privacy.  I do let her out to explore a bit during the day when MY kittens (Rowdy & Sammy) are outdoors playing.  The two old ladies (Missy & Boots) pay her no mind whatsoever.  They’ve seen a lot in their seventeen years!  On Lori’s first foray outside the nursery she encountered a strange beast on the porch…

Let me get a closer look at that brown thing...

What the..???

They both smelled each other and then pretended to be bored.  No drama on either side.  Buster IS  real chill dude.  Lori probably felt that vibe.

Kittens grow like weeds so check daily to see their progress.  I’ll turn the “cute-ness” dial all the way up to ELEVEN so you won’t  be disappointed.  Any viewers who live in my vicinity feel free to come by and get your kitten fix.  There’s nothing like it to brighten a lackluster day.  Just TRY not to smile when you see these guys.


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