Mississippi Bound!

Today is the big trip.  I put Scarlett in the pansy bed one last time while I organized her cage in the back seat…

Do they have pansies in Mississippi?

I situated everything securely in the car and then put her in the cage with her food and water.

Can I please stay? I'll be good.

It was a long drive (280 miles) and when we arrived I carried my little bird to the barn to meet her new roommates.

Not very intimidating are they?

Dad bought a coop similar to the one Jim made for Rosie, Daisy & Violet, but this one is about half the size (and not nearly as super cool, Jim!)  Scarlett can’t be on her own outside the coop because Dad has over 30 fully grown Rhode Island Reds who have their own pecking order and do not suffer newcomers kindly.  A rooster is an especially dangerous enemy to a lone chicken.

Although Scarlett is related to many of these chickens (One of them is her mother–who knows which) she’s a stranger to the flock because she didn’t grow up with them.


In time, she’ll form a bond with these harmless little chicks and they will be her posse.  Until then, she must stay with these little fluffballs under the safety of the coop.

Here is a little clip of a rooster who is more than likely Scarlett’s dad.  (He’s one of two likely suspects)  You can hear Daddy and me exclaiming our surprise that he performed on cue!

I’m very sad to lose another chicken but there’s no fighting city hall.  (or my short-sighted HOA).  A chicken is as normal a pet as a dog, cat, bunny, or parrot.  The fact that they give you breakfast is a wonderful bonus.  Can Fluffy or Fido make you an omelet?  I won’t get another chicken until I can live in a place that embraces them as the beautiful, funny and  useful pets that they are.  I encourage anyone who wishes to try this great, fun hobby to go for it.  Your life will change for the better.  Mine did.

Scarlett was worried that she would get me in trouble again with the neighborhood naysayers.  You know what I said to her?

Frankly Scarlett…I don’t give a damn!


8 thoughts on “Mississippi Bound!

  1. Disney’s trying to figure out where the rooster is that just came out of my speakers. 😉

    Hope your girl has fun at her new house!

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