Last Chicken Time

We had visitors on Scarlett’s last night in Alabama.  Our dear pals, Mike and Susna (misspelling intentional) came over for a visit with us and the animals.

Do we know fun people or what?

Scarlett took a liking to Susan’s hindquarters and was a little too liberal with the pecking!  I think most things about Susan are delightful, including her hindquarters and apparently Scarlett agrees…

Miss Susna looks delicious!

The animals were all exceptionally photogenic on our last evening together.  Scarlett made a short film of her nightly exodus into the yard.  She’s such a drama queen!

Later, I filmed a sweet interaction between Buster and Sammy.  Apparently kitties smell pretty good to bunnies.

I’m going to miss Scarlett very much but I will still have some very nice birds to look at around my house.

The view from my front porch

I expect babies from these guys any day.

I do think Buster may miss my little bird just a bit.

No I won't! OK, maybe a little.

She has been a delightful addition to our family for the past seven weeks.  Later today she returns to her birthplace.  She and I are both Mississippi girls.  We have lots in common except for one thing.  I’ll never live with my parents again, and Scarlett will live the rest of her life with Peg & Bill.  At least I can visit her when I go home.  Get ready for your trip Miss Scarlett.  It’s gonna be a doozy!

What's a doozy?

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