MORE Chicken Time!

Scarlett makes a big move tomorrow so I’m unleashing some of the last photos of her and her animal/human family. First some kitty pics…

Sammy is a wild-looking and beautiful cat.

and Jimmy is a silly, silly man.

Buster still cowers under the table when Scarlett gets ornery.

Why does she peck me?

Sometimes she does play nice…

This is a pretty good chicken when she's not pecking me.

Four cute aminals…

Kitty, kitty, bunny, chicken

Scarlett finds Sammy’s tail intriguing…

Lay off the tail you crazy bird!

Tomorrow morning will be Scarlett’s last day in Alabama.  She’s been a fun little houseguest, but now it’s time to meet other chickens and have a country life.  Stay tuned. 🙂

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