Chicken Time!

Readers of the chickendiary ( will remember that last spring and summer we spent most evenings in our back yard watching Rosie, Daisy & Violet cavort and frolic.  Scarlett is of the age now where she enjoys hanging out with the ‘rents and the other assorted creatures now that spring has sprung.

Red Bud in all her glory.

It’s difficult to get a picture of all three species in one shot, but I did have some limited success…

It’s easier to get cute shots of two interspecies encounters…

Buster is quite offended by Rowdy's "cat-itude"

Make way for Chicken!

I SAID make way for chicken!

Scarlett has taken to pecking the Buster Man when she gets in a “fowl” mood.  He sticks near us under the table for safety.

She can't see me right?

Click on the above pic to enlarge and you can see my little guy’s beautiful eyelashes.

Scarlett is in her “squawk-ward” stage right now, but we still think she’s a pretty little girl.

The animals stay in the yard until the humans run out of wine, or Scarlett starts peeping to get on her perch.

Scarlett spoils all the fun!

We only have two more nights of chicken time with our little bird.  She’s old enough now to go to a home where she can live outside and play with other chickens.  Our homeowners association won’t allow such a dastardly and dangerous outdoor pet, so she has to go.  Stay tuned for further details.  Meantime, if some of you would like to come by this weekend for a picture of yourselves holding a beautiful little Rhode Island Red I’ll be at the ready with my camera.  Enjoy this lovely spring weather!

That is one fine tree!

4 thoughts on “Chicken Time!

  1. Oh, that Scarlett…that little red head has quite a personality and seems to rule the roost there at the B’game farm. It is sad to know she, too, has to transfer to a new abode.

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