Poulet et Félins

Humor me.  I took a little French in college and I never get a chance to use it.  Believe it or not, there’s not much call for speakin’ Français in Montgomery, Alabama!  Today’s entry is a bit lame, but sometimes chickens don’t perform amazing feats when you need to update your blog.  Again, humor me.

The routine with chicken has evolved into a nice pattern.  During the day, Scarlett is on the back porch with Buster.  I open the cage door and shove a litter box in the opening.  I made a nice dust bath for her inside and she takes a tumble in the box several times a day.

Scarlett's Spa

She also gets some “free range” time on the porch but I limit that to a couple of hours a day because the poop patrol gets to be overwhelming.  The girl can poop!  If the porch door is open, she will occasionally stroll into the living room to harass Rowdy from her six-hour daily nap.

It takes a lot of beauty rest to look this good!

Another five hours please!

Get up! You're cute enough already!

Even when Rowdy moves to another spot, Miss Scarlett finds her and pesters her to no end!

Is there no end to this harassment?

No matter where she moves, Scarlett is in pursuit.

You're getting on my last nerve!

Eventually the girl gives up and settles down for her own little nap.

I can take a hint.

I don’t know how much longer Scarlett will be in residence with our family, but for now we are enjoying her sweet and crazy little personality.  So now, this little story est fini!

Au revoir pour le moment!

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