Jim, Scarlett & I attended the Eggstravaganza at the Hampstead neighborhood yesterday.  The Montessori school put on a great day of games, raffles, food and urban chicken education.  There were three groups of chicken populations in attendance as well as the human participants.  Daisy, Rosie & Violet charmed visitors with their beauty and personality…

Jake, my neighbor and frequent back yard visitor.

FCFA: Future Chicken Farmers of America

The only beautiful blonde I share my husband with!

In attendance as well, was a kiddie pool full of week old baby chicks.  Hampstead Farm and the Montessori school are raising these babies to integrate into the flock of adult chickens.  Children were decorating some coops built by volunteers.

These will be some stylish Chicken Condos!

We brought Scarlett to the event just for fun and we wanted to see how she liked hanging out with the babies…

Are you sure I'm a chicken?

We removed her from the pool when she decided to be a bully!

Finally something smaller than me!

Another group of four chickens were donated by a military family who are being transferred to another state.  This delightful young lady was giving up her pets to the Hampstead but she told me that the main thing is that “They will be happy”.

Such wisdom from this young chicken farmer is refreshing and wonderful.

Don't ask me to explain this one. I think he's winning though!

Check out this great chicken sculpture made by a local artist.

Look at it again…see the chicken pecking the ground? It took me a minute. 🙂

The day wasn’t just about fun and games however.  Edwin Marty, the executive director of the Hampstead Institute gave a 20 minute class on urban chicken keeping.

He asked me to “co-teach” but I really just provided color commentary and unintentional humor!  Farmer Anne, the Hampstead farmer and Farmer Jetson, the Hampstead downtown farmer were on hand to impart their wisdom.

We even experienced a non-chicken-related adventure.  A kildeer had laid her eggs in the wide open and was performing the “broken wing” dance to lure visitors away from her nest.

Four speckled eggs laid in a gravel nest.

With the help of some other guests we constructed a makeshift tower to alert others to the location of the eggs so at least they wouldn’t be stepped on.

I wonder if she likes these flourescent pipe cleaners?

The day was well attended and made even better by a lunch prepared by the chef of the Spring House on Lake Martin.  If you haven’t had the pleasure, you should visit this charming restaurant that only serves locally grown produce and humanely raised beef, lamb, pork and CHICKEN!

Finally I leave you with a parting shot of Miss Daisy, who got a grape stuck on her beak in her exuberance to scarf as many as she could on this festive day.

My girl can always be counted on for comic relief!

8 thoughts on “EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

  1. Why am I teary eyed over a chicken blog? Love seeing Daisy, Rosie, and Violet again. I love these girls….and my niece,too!

    • That is a nice thought. At least I helped. The Hampstead Institute along with our city government are in the process of changing chicken regulations in the city of Montgomery. Now THAT’S progress!

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