Meet Miss Madison

My neighbor Marsha brought her granddaughter to meet Daisy, Rosie & Violet.  She was unaware that they had been evicted by our HOA a couple of months ago.  Coincidentally, I had Miss Scarlett in my arms as she drove up in her golf cart, so Miss Madison got to meet a chicken after all.

In another weird and happy coincidence, this young lady just happens to attend the Montessori pre-school at the Hampstead neighborhood, so she had already met my former chickens!

Madison quickly became bored with Scarlett when she spied the Brown Bomber romping about the yard!  She pursued Buster with the dogged determination of a toddler on a mission.

He evaded capture with his stealthy moves and sharp survival skills…

This Bunny won't let me catch him!

Bunny ONE, Toddler ZERO!

Actually, my little man did sit still long enough for Madison to feel his soft fur, but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.  I did however capture a lovely picture of bunny, child-in-pink, and my beautiful red bud tree.  Welcome spring.  We have sorely missed you!

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