Chicken Playdate Gone Wrong

This morning I cleaned Miss Scarlett’s cage and put her in the back of Old Blue to go meet her maiden Aunts Rosie, Violet & Daisy.

We're going whatzit, to meet whoozit?

I was very optimistic about this first visit, because my sweet chickens would never hurt a little kid right?  I assumed they would all hug the little red girl and then offer to share some food with her.  Um…it didn’t turn out that way.

First Rosie & Daisy chased her down one side of the fence…

Then Violet and Rosie chased her up the other side…

Scarlett was so terrified she tried to get through the wire to escape.

I'll get you my pretty!

After several attempt to let them get used to each other I gave up and scooped Scarlett to safety.  Let me make clear, that at no time was actual contact made between big chicken and little chicken.  I thwarted all pecking and attacking behavior!  So although Scarlett was scared and stressed out, she wasn’t physically harmed.  I was really disappointed in this first meeting.

Mean Girls!

I will try again, when my girl is a little bigger and maybe there will be some harmony among the group.

Poor Scarlett is safe at home and unharmed except for some ruffled feathers.  As far as she’s concerned, she’s happy to live among her human, kitty & bunny family for as long as possible.

If those are chickens, you can have 'em!

8 thoughts on “Chicken Playdate Gone Wrong

  1. Debbie you keep me so entertained. I hate it that poor little Scarlett wasnt accepted by the big chicks, But she will grow up and let them have it. LOL

  2. Poor scarlet will be scarred for life!!! She’s pretty sure she is a bunny but possibly a kitty. Definitely not a chicken for crying out loud!!!

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