Chicken Check-in

It’s been a couple of days since I posted anything but mostly it’s been quiet and boring here.  Scarlett continues to grow at an alarming rate and she still enjoys her regular pastimes of chasing bunnies and kitties, scratching all her food out of her bowl and her nightly television time.

Move please, you're blocking my view.

The only new development is that she doesn’t have to sleep with her heat lamp anymore.  After a chicken gets a nice set of feathers with a layer of down underneath they can usually regulate their temperature on their own.  For the whole time we’ve used the light, Buster slept right next to her cage all night and we assumed he liked the warmth.  Last night, even though the lamp was gone, my little brown dude slept smushed against his “chick’s” cage.  So it wasn’t the light after all.  He looks like a sentry when he does it, although as soon as we let her out, she jumps on his head or pecks his butt.  Some gratitude Scarlett!

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