Cutest Kitten Evah!

Little Mulder was sleeping all alone in the kitty bed and I started filming her hoping she would do something super cute.  She did not disappoint.  Watch til the end to see a cute stretching kitten.

We still have “chicken time” but now it is “chicken-less”.  😦

Buster chooses a chair.

Checks out his winter garden for a nibble.

Too much cabbage! More romaine lettuce next time!

Strikes a jaunty pose.

The ladies love this view.

And he plans adventures with his posse.

What shall we do today Buster?

Sometimes we get nice neighbors over to check out the new babies.

Andrew, Siamese looks very good on you!

OK, one last look at Mulder the 5 ounce wonder kitty!

I know I be so cute.

New Tricks and Old Ladies

One of the kittens managed to get out of the kitty bed and couldn’t figure out how to get back in.

Soon there will be no containing the little monsters, but for now they’re still pretty helpless.

Ron & Renay came by to get their “kitty” on yesterday.

Renay, I think you look pretty good holding little Mulder!  He/she doesn’t take up much space.  You’d hardly notice one more kitty!

recently some friends of ours lost their 20-year-old cat.  She went to kitty heaven and they miss her a lot.  It made me think of Boots and how she’ll be 17 next week.  She’s still beautiful and feeling pretty good for an old lady.  See for yourself.

I know I'm gorgeous, just don't ask me to move too fast.

If you have an older animal in your home who’s given you devotion and love for many years, go give them a gentle hug and a treat.  Boots says do it now!

Little Baby Angel Biscuit

OK, Jill you didn’t know I was transcribing your comments to the little snuggle ball you were cooing to, did you?  Jill and her twin Julie dropped by yesterday for some kitty love.

These two gals transformed into babbling toddlers when they got their hands on a kitten.

It happens to the best of us.  Thank goodness there were no cameras in my kitchen when I was dancing with little Billy this morning.  I lead.  He didn’t know the steps.

And hey, Skeeter?  For someone who’s not really “crazy about kittens” you and Rick sure do come over a lot! 🙂  How ’bout I just get you a key made!

Is that a kitten on my shoulder?

The babies are two weeks old tomorrow and they are beginning to fill up my kitty box.  For now they still mostly sleep the sleep of the innocent and only wake for dinner, but soon I’ll have KITTYMANIA when they start to explore outside the box.  I can’t wait.

Under the Influence

The kittens are getting more mobile.  Billy especially is crawling around and trying to play with the other kittens.  Sometimes it looks like they’ve been into the cat nip as you can see from this video.

Skeeter came by again and brought her hubby Rick to see the babies.  Rick, like Skeeter, isn’t especially nuts about kittens but they each chose a little fur ball to pose with.

Miss Jill, on the other hand is a true kitten fan, and she stopped by on her daily walk to get some kitty love.

Jill and little Phillip

She kept saying, “Please don’t take my picture, I don’t have on any make up and I look terrible!”

Yes Jill, you are absolutely hideous!

At one point, I thought she was going to take a huge bite out of poor Mulder!  This girl really loves her sum kittens!  Jill maybe you should adopt a sibling for Little Joe!

And They Just Keep Coming

More visitors arrived to see the kittens.  We rudely woke Mulder from her nap.

Later the entire Adams family dropped in for a Kitty Fix.

Dennis NOT being a Menace

Meggie and Billy sittin' in a tree...

My friend Skeeter came by to meet the litter.

She’s not really used to cats or kittens but she took the plunge and picked one out.  She held little Kurt like he was a stick of dynamite.

They won't break Skeeter!

Later we all retired to the living room with our own kitten to play with.

Notice the beach towel I put down for Skeeter.  You may be shocked to know that my furniture is often furry.  Her all-black attire would have been toast without the towel.

The following is a short video showing Mulder working as hard as she can to get her dinner.  Notice how she puts her whole body into the job!

Now we need to pay some attention to our little Mama.  None of this fun would have been possible without her.

You sure are a sweet girl Miss Lori!

Eye Opening!

Billy is the first to have his eyes open. He/she is going to be my advanced kitten.  There’s one in every group.  I asked Tama to help me take a video of him (OK, Billy is a “he” until I know otherwise).  He’s quite grouchy and vocal when you separate him from his dinner.

Later Dennis (Tama’s much better half) came over to see the kitties.

He’s a big gentle guy who loves animals and always helps me reach high things.  Think Lennie from Of Mice & Men except smart.

"I'm going to pet them and love them and call them George."

I see now that I’m going to have to make up the guest room for Tama.  She will be living here until the kitties go back to the shelter.

I wonder how many of these will Dennis let me keep?

Little Mulder is fighting hard to get his share of Mom’s milk.  His eyes are still closed but I know there’s some big plans being made in that little white head!

Mulder for Pwesident!

OK, we could do worse. 🙂