Making New Friends

I had a surprise visit today from a friend I’ve never met.  Some will remember Skeeter’s mom from the chickendiary who made me the loveliest handmade gift!

She was in the neighborhood this weekend and dropped by for a spell.  Up to this point Brenda and I were simply e-mail pals and had never met in person.  She was as lovely and sweet as I thought she would be, not to mention smart and funny–my favorite combination.  She met Buster, Scarlett and all my kitties and we had a nice long visit.

Later, as I sat on the floor Scarlett decided to scale my skull and she perched herself atop my head for a better view.

This grass feels funny...and what's this gray stuff?

I won’t describe what happened next, but you can use your imagination.  Little chickens can’t be expected to know that some perfectly natural bodily functions are best performed in private!  No harm done.  If chicken poop killed a person I would have been six feet under a long time ago! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Making New Friends

    • Actually that was Skeeter’s mom. You’ve met Skeeter and her daughter Hudson in previous chickendiary posts. I don’t deserve such good friends, but I’m glad I have em! You included. 🙂

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