Run, Chicken, Run!

I’ll take a slight departure today to update you on the status of my former pets, Daisy, Rosie & Violet.  They have been enjoying life at Hampstead Farms but have not been able to run free like they did when they lived with me.  Only part of the fence was completed when they moved, and a proper chicken run had not been built for them to “free-range”.  This was remedied yesterday when Jim and I met Edwin at the farm to volunteer our services in fence building.  The three of us completed a serviceable (if somewhat amateur-looking) chicken run in a couple of hours, and now the ladies have much more room to strut their chicken stuff.  When we arrived, Edwin had already let the girls out to plunder in the clover beds.  The farm has several planted beds of clover and produce that the neighborhood residents and Farmer Anne cultivate year round.  My girls looked blissfully happy cavorting among the greens.

We're not in Kansas anymore Violet.

I called to them and they ran toward me.  I know it’s because they love me and remember me and NOT because I had a handful of grapes!

As you can imagine, I was not the brains, nor the brawn behind this project, so I just did as I was told and documented some of the construction with my camera.

I can think of worse ways to spend a Friday morning than by watching two handsome gentlemen use tools in manly ways!

Almost gave me the vapors!

When we were finished, we put the girls inside the enclosure and watched them make use of their new space.

While we were there, the Montessori students arrived to visit the chickens and harvest some food.

Farmer Anne instructed the kids on the proper method of pulling carrots out of the dirt.

I must say, these kids make some bold style choices!

Forget Toddlers in Tiaras!  These ladies have really got it goin’ on!

Heidi Klum-ette

Of course I couldn’t leave the farm without a hug from one of my girls.

Still my little "Alpha Chick".

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