Ravenous Rowdy

All the kitties and bunny enjoy watching Scarlett do her thing.  I have the nursery set up in our office and you can always find an assortment of critters watching the “Chicken Channel”.

HDTV for Mammals

One of our aminals has shown a particular interest in Scarlett and will sit and watch this feathered houseguest with rapt attention.

I'm pretty sure I'm s'posed to eat that.

I just want a little taste.

An argument could be made that she is just an avid wildlife observer, but I swear I think she’s conjuring up some chicken recipes in her kitty brain.

There might be cream filling inside!

Again, I never leave these two alone.  In fact I’m always ready to pounce in case Rowdy’s natural instincts kick in.  Rowdy has much in common with her mom in that she does enjoy a good meal.  Soon Scarlett will be too big for Rowdy to harm, but for now I’m making sure she remains “friend” not “food”.

Hey, here’s a random photo of Tama the Chicken Charmer!  I can’t decide who’s cuter.

OK, it’s Scarlett.  Sorry Tama! 🙂

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