Buster the Babysitter

Recently I put Scarlett in the yard to scratch and peck.  Buster had the unlucky job of keeping her company while she engaged in chicken behavior.  She cries when she’s alone outside, but she’s quite content when she has fuzzy Uncle Buster in close proximity.

How much are you payin' me for this?

I made her a tiny dust bath out of some Tupperware, but she seemed oblivious to it.  Rowdy, however, thought it looked like an excellent litter box!

Hey Rowdy, can you take a shift?

After the outdoor activity, Scarlett fell asleep immediately when I put her back in her brooder.  She sleeps face down in the wood shavings with her little neck stretched out.

Peep, peep, sleep, sleep.

4 thoughts on “Buster the Babysitter

  1. My guess is yes. I know he monitored my old blog for “evidence” to give to the board. Unless he comes in my house (not invited) or sits on my screened porch he will never see her. She’ll go live with her old maiden aunts when she reaches coop age. It is so fun to hear peeps in the house again.

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