Mutual of Omaha Presents…

The Burlingame WILD KINGDOM!  OK, no one under 40 will even get that joke, but some of us “oldsters” think it’s funny right?  You know who you are!

Scarlett was taking a “dust” bath on the arm of my sofa.  This does not say much about the quality of my housekeeping that she found sufficient “dust” for her bath on my furniture!  Rowdy (foreground) and Sammy (background) enjoyed her display of fowl behavior while I (Marlin Perkins) filmed the animal action…

Notice halfway thru the video you can see Jim (Fowler) in the top left corner. 🙂

I do plan to make her a real dust bath to put in the yard when the weather clears, but for now, she seems to find pleasure in wallowing on the Davenport. (another reference the youngsters won’t get!)

9 thoughts on “Mutual of Omaha Presents…

  1. Davenport? I remember my mother using that term when we lived in Seattle. But, when we moved to Purvis, whoa, the vocabulary changed drastically.

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