Itsy Bitsy

On January 31st, I brought a baby bunny home from the animal shelter.  She had been abandoned and they couldn’t tell me if she was male or female.  She also did not have a name and no one knew how old she was.  I introduced her to my four-year old Holland Lop bunny named Buster.  At first he was unsure about this new house guest…

…but then he grew to like her.

First date.

We named her Bitsy and began introducing her to other furry family members.

Everybody seemed OK with the new situation.

Is there room for one more species in this Animal House?  Check back tomorrow to see for yourself. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy

    • Totally my fault. I had some of the domain names mixed up at first and I think it screwed up the subscriptions. All should work fine now. I am amazed that I can do ANY of this stuff. Technology ain’t my friend!

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