Dusty Damsel NOT in Distress

Scarlett has finally figured out what to do with her little Tupperware dust bath.  Here’s a cute film of her enjoying some rare warm weather in the pansy bed.

Buster grudgingly performs his chicken sitting duties with dignity and forbearance.  She cries pitifully if he’s not outside with her.

Later in the evening I caught her sleeping with her little head beneath her wing.  I didn’t know chickens did that.

Cuteness times infinity

Natural Enemies?

The kitties are getting used to having Scarlett in the house and we no longer fear that she’ll become a kitty treat.  We still keep an eye on them when they are together, but the danger level is minimal.

This just seems wrong!

Missy has seen a lot in her seventeen years, but this might just be the limit.

Please DO NOT come over here!


This little film is very dark, but very cute, so bear with it please.  Sammy is either trying to make friends or check for “done-ness”.

Sunshine, Pansies and Pals

The day was sunny and mild so out to the Pansy bed they went, bunny & chicken to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Buster felt a little like hawk bait, so I put his mobile home in the flower bed.

Rowdy investigated and wondered why Buster & Scarlett get all the fun.  Scarlett thought the rooftop of Buster’s bachelor pad was a perfect place to enact a scene from Titanic.


She’s such a little drama queen.

Making New Friends

I had a surprise visit today from a friend I’ve never met.  Some will remember Skeeter’s mom from the chickendiary who made me the loveliest handmade gift!


She was in the neighborhood this weekend and dropped by for a spell.  Up to this point Brenda and I were simply e-mail pals and had never met in person.  She was as lovely and sweet as I thought she would be, not to mention smart and funny–my favorite combination.  She met Buster, Scarlett and all my kitties and we had a nice long visit.

Later, as I sat on the floor Scarlett decided to scale my skull and she perched herself atop my head for a better view.

This grass feels funny...and what's this gray stuff?

I won’t describe what happened next, but you can use your imagination.  Little chickens can’t be expected to know that some perfectly natural bodily functions are best performed in private!  No harm done.  If chicken poop killed a person I would have been six feet under a long time ago! 🙂

We’re Changing Buster’s Name to Job

The poor bunny show such patience with his new charge. Yesterday, he “shared” his carrot tops with little Scarlett.

Thanks Uncle Buster! These are great!

And he continues to endure indignities no bunny should suffer.

Whoopsie Daisy!

How long is this chick staying?

Buster had a dream that we had a very special dinner…

Oh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

It was just a dream Buster.  Thanks for your patience and kindness to the little orphan.  You are a bunny among bunnies!

Turn the Page, Change the Channel

Who knew chickens enjoy books and TV?  Every evening when Scarlett’s internal thermostat tells her it’s time to be quiet and enjoy a little TV before bed, I put her on an old pillow (meaning I don’t care too much if it gets chicken poop on it) and she sits for up to an hour and “watches” something useless with us.  Normally she shares the couch with a kitty or two.  The kitties prefer Animal Planet, but we usually subject them to The Big Bang Theory, reruns of The Office or the rare House I have not already seen.

I'm sick of Animal Planet! See what's on Food Network.

I will NOT watch Paula Deen fry another chicken!

Our old cat Missy is deaf and can’t hear Scarlett “peep peeping” even when she’s two feet away.


Our morning routine is to read in bed while we drink coffee and snuggle with the kitties and bunny.

Scarlet will not be left out and lately she joins the menagerie, that is the Burlingame family bed.  She has some definite opinions regarding Jim’s book on recent events in military history…

Seems to me the neoconservatives in the Bush administration rode roughshod over the military senior leadership.

She’s young…her political views are just beginning to form.

Finally I ask the question, “Where does a young actress go when she finds out she just got one of the leads in her high school musical?”

To Miss Debbie’s house to get a chicken hug of course!  Congratulations Meggie!  We knew you could do it! 🙂