One Year

Today we are going to chop down our Christmas tree. This has been a family tradition for almost every year of our marriage. Jim pretends to be a lumberjack and he saws down a mighty pine tree with his manly saw.  Later he poses beside his “kill” and we have great fun dragging it home and decorating.


Christmas 2014


Continuing this tradition last year was nearly impossible, but we knew we had to do it. Hannah would have wanted that.


Christmas 2015

Our family has goofy Christmas traditions just like any other. We always “forced” her to pose with one of our menagerie for a Christmas card.


Christmas 2007 Hannah & Boots



Christmas 2011

Hi Daisy! 🙂


Hannah & Tony 2014

 This year has changed us. Hannah left us a year ago to be with God in Heaven and we remain to create the best life we can on Earth without her. We are trying. For anyone who has not lost a child there is no way to explain the grief. But overcoming it is possible in some small way if we try to be strong and live a life Hannah would be proud of. We’ve experienced miracles and wonders this year. Recalling them here would make a list that some would shake their heads at. I’ll just leave you with this promise: God has wrapped his arms around us and shown us that Hannah is with him, and that we will see her again. Those who know Jim and me, know that we have never been religious people. We still aren’t. But we have been shown the secret of life that was always right before our eyes.

All there is…is Love.

That sustains us. We feel it from God and from the loving family and friends who have helped us through this experience.



The Burlingame family wishes you and your loved ones a warm and happy Christmas.

God bless you Hannah B. We know He already has. Love, Mommy & Daddy

Buster Under the Weather

Buster is nine years old. Bunnies usually live to be around ten, so we weren’t surprised when he began to have “old man” problems. For a couple of years, he has slowed down in his rambunctiousness in the yard. He’s gotten a bit gray around the face and his appetite has dwindled from what it was in his youth. He also makes “old man” noises now. (So does Jim) But lately Buster has actually been quite sick on top of being old, and Jim and I are making efforts to get him well and keep him comfortable.

It started with the sniffles and some weight loss. We took him to see Dr. Glasscock as soon as we saw these symptoms.


Hi Dr. G.

She gave him a thorough exam including poking his tummy to see if he had internal problems.


That Tickles!

She put him on an antibiotic to clear up his sinus infection and a probiotic to keep his digestive tract moving. As you can imagine he HATES this. I have to wrap his little body in a towel while Jim administers the meds. Other than that, Dr. G said to keep him quiet and comfortable and give him lots of affection.


We do this anyway. 🙂

Things got worse from there. He completed the course of antibiotics and his cold/sinus infection seemed better, but then he started having equilibrium problems (falling over, stumbling when he hopped, etc.) and he completely stopped eating pellets and hay. He also, quit using his litter box altogether since he couldn’t balance enough to get in it. So we went back to Dr. G.


We’ve got to stop meeting like this.

This time she gave him an X-ray. She didn’t even have to sedate him since he was too weak to struggle. She checked for internal issues, especially his teeth which can become ingrown cause serious pain for bunnies. She saw nothing of concern on the X-ray but she found he had lost a half pound since his last visit. She instructed us on how to grind his pellets and mix them with apple juice and force feed him. She put him on a different antibiotic and continued probiotic.


Buster’s personal herb garden

She wanted us to try to let him have some exercise in the yard to help his digestion. (he basically stopped pooping, sorry, TMI?)


That’s too embarrassing mom!

Jim fixed up our office for the bunny ICU. There’s more room in there, plus the kitties like hanging out with him here.


Sammy & Mulder supervise

Despite our efforts, he’s not gaining weight and he seems unable to eat anything but very soft, fresh herbs and small pieces of fruit. He does NOT seem to be in any pain, and we both feel like he still has a good quality of life. When the time comes to let him go, we will. It will be very sad, but we are well versed in this area, and will do what needs to be done for our sweet little guy. We’ve had him since he was a baby and he has enriched our lives immeasurably. In the meantime, Buster remains the most pampered wabbit on the planet. Dr. G gave him a very nice massage before we left her office, and as you can see from this short video, Buster was in Heaven. 🙂

Love you Buster Man!


Adieu Mew Mew


Max found a forever home!


Can’t he stay here?

Sorry Mr. Mulder. Max has a new home and a new mommy. Why don’t you give him a good bath before she comes so he’ll be fresh and clean?

Good Job Mulder!

We will miss you very much Little Max. You have been the smartest, sweetest little foster kitten we’ve ever had! (except for Mr. M of course)


Savannah and her grandmom, my friend Judy.

I know Max will squirm into your heart and be a good brother to Pikachu!

I love a happy ending. 🙂

This is Your Kitten

This is your kitten on drugs.


No, he’s just loses all muscle control when he sleeps. 🙂

Meet Max, my awesome foster kitten!


Max has entered our home and our hearts.

This is one awesome guy, and he has taken control of the B’game household.


…and then there were FIVE!

A kind neighbor found Max roaming around her house. He was scared and sad, but in pretty good shape for a homeless guy. After she delivered him to the Burlingame kittybunnychicken rescue ranch and turtle rehabilitation center, his luck began to change.

His first friend in the house was Mr. Mulder.


At first Mulder was not sure about this little hellion.

But then…


They became true friends

Of course Max’s BEST friend is Jim.


Max’s favorite spot.

Soon he began finding all the secret hideouts of our other cats.


Rowdy’s super secret retreat on the closet deep freeze! Invaded by a little fur ball!


And Mulder’s laundry basket hide-a-way!

But Max’s idyllic lifestyle is about to take a very different turn…



Yes. Today I took him back to the shelter to get his SURGERY!



It’s OK Max. Go with this nice lady and I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon. After that, this guy is ready to be adopted from my house. Come one, come all, and make this amazing creature your newest family member! He’s been trained by Mr. Mulder and he will be a wonderful little pet. Hang tuff Max! See you tomorrow! Foster Mommy, Deb

Buster’s Ninth Birthday Party

Last week we had our ninth annual birthday bash for our bunny Buster. We had wine and snacks, and Jim made jambalaya, and of course we had carrot cake! Buster’s not much of a party animal so he stayed in his office (laundry room) and did paperwork (chewed sticks and ate hay). We’ve been having this little soiree for many years and there is a core crowd of visitors who have attended almost every one. Case in point…


I think Bruce & Wendy have perfect attendance.

Then there are some old standbys who almost always show up.


Gary, Linda, Leigh & GT

These two codgers are gonna build our new house next summer!


I’ll try not be too big of a pain! (Who are we kidding right?)

Everyone seemed to enjoy getting together and eating and renewing friendships.


Gwen & GT


Brusle & Ron


Ginger & Susna


Martha, Cathy & Irl

A new and relatively new neighbor discussed the joys of living next to the crazy Burlingame family.



Brenda (right) has lived next door for almost three years now and she hasn’t called the cops on me once! Nancy (left) just moved in last month and boy is she in for an awakening. I’ll behave Nancy! The pygmy goats and miniature pigs aren’t arriving until next spring.

The night wasn’t complete until we all sang happy birthday to the cutest little guy in the whole neighborhood.


…and the most patient.

My kind friends all donated money in Buster’s name and this year we raised $453 for the Montgomery Humane Shelter!



Buster is ready for the holiday season to begin and he wishes you all a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas for 2016.


All I want for Christmas is to NOT wear this hat!

Love you sweet friends. Love you Buster man. Love you Jim for putting up with this nonsense. I may be crazy, but at least you can’t say I’m boring! 🙂

Pink Ladies

A few weeks ago my cousin Jeannie and a classmate I had not seen in over 30 years came to visit me and stay in the Pink House. Jeannie had been a PH guest previously, but Leah was a first timer.


Mini Reunion PHS Class of 1981

Leah was as sweet and goofy as I remember her. She was always a girl who marched to her own drum and I was happy to see that she had not changed a bit. We enjoyed catching up and dishing on our old classmates. (Merrilu, were your ears burning?)

I always enjoy the company of my crazy cousin Jeannie. She and I were both “Navy brats” and we share some similar experiences in our childhoods. I took this picture of my guests and I swear I had no idea that there would be chickens coming out of their heads.




They are holding precious prizes from my “count the flamingos” contest. Leah was the winner and she was the recipient of a priceless Beanie Baby named “Pinky”. Jeannie came close and won the coveted flamingo dinner napkins. I know these prizes will be treasured for years to come.

Jeannie brought gifts of wine (always a favorite) and a toy that brought a huge smile to my face. Jim is constantly telling me that if any more flamingos are added to the Pink House he’s leaving me.


Sorry, dude! This one is staying!

I really enjoyed your visit ladies. Come back anytime! (as long as your bring cool gifts)