Happenings on the B’Game Ranch

Trax finally had his little visit to the vet so he will no longer be trying to express his passionate feelings to our poor cats. Rowdy is his favorite, but this poor confused bunny is also highly attracted to Mr. Mulder.


Mommy please tell him I’m a CAT and I’m a BOY!

Trax will be much happier now that he’s altered since bunnies are always looking for “dates” until they have their “snip snip”. I even had to rescue my bedroom slipper from his embrace once or twice.


Well it was SHAPED like a bunny!

So he’s back home and he seems just fine. We will give him pain meds for a few days and as soon as the testosterone leaves his system, he’ll be a much more welcome guest in our back yard.



What would YOU do if the shelter called and asked if this little girl could live with you for two weeks?

Of course I said YES! And I got two others as a bonus.


Three stinky little ladies.

They’ve already had neighborhood visitors.


These little girls were so gentle. 🙂

And Mr. Mulder has begun his foster kitty training program…


…and stay away from doggies and snakes. And never get on the kitchen counter unless no one is home.

But they mostly just like to sleep.




Being this cute requires a LOT of beauty sleep.

Jim’s life also continues to rich and full with a variety of hobbies and interests.


Right Jim?

Oh well, I tell him every day how lucky he is to be married to me. Someone has to.

Come play with the kittens. I have them for another week!

Creepy Critters

I love most of God’s creatures including all manner of creepy crawlies. So when Rowdy alerted me to a special toy in the grass I was happy to save the life of a pretty little snake she had been torturing on a lovely sunny afternoon.


Mommy I found a fun pwesent for you!


You’re welcome Mr. Snaky Snake. You will live another day.

Of course I find helpless little varmints along my walks in our beautiful neighborhood too. The latest was a cute baby bat I found struggling on the hot sidewalk in front of my friend Cindy’s shop in our town square.


Who say’s Bats are scary? Just wook at dat wittle face!

I took him home and Jim said I’m not allowed to keep a bat for a pet. He’s such party pooper!  I said I thought there might be something wrong with him and I should put him in our chicken coop for a few days to recover from his injuries. No again! Jim said, “Put him in the oak tree and then go WASH YOUR HANDS!”

OK! Fine, you don’t have to tell me twice! 😦


Hang on tight little blood-sucker!

Soon he started crawling to the top of the tree and I realized that there was nothing wrong with him at all.  I hope he stays in our tree. I’d love to have a backyard bat! Maybe we could play baseball with him. 🙂

The Old Switcheroo!

I go to our local animal shelter often to bring shredded paper for the puppy room and also bunny and guinea pig supplies. On some occasions I see a bunny who looks very crowded and sad in his cage so I take him home to give him some fun while I look for a home for him. Recently I came home with a big bunny (Mini-lop) named Trixie. The shelter folks told me she was an old girl (8 years) and that she had been spayed. Her owners moved into an apartment and she could not go with them.


Meet Trixie

She adjusted well to our back yard and enjoyed the chicken coop for her night time home. She actually went in the coop at night just like a chicken would. She’s a smart docile old lady and all the cats except Tony like her. He keeps his distance and we we’re not quite sure why.

Trixie helps herself to our herb garden and treats it like her own personal bunny buffet.


Hannah planted all this on a sunny spring day about two years ago. It continues to thrive. 🙂

My plan was to get Trixie checked out by our vet Dr. Glasscock and let her enjoy a life of fun after being in a cage for so long. The log term plan though, was to take her to my friend Mary’s bunny rescue down in Florida. I’ve brought Mary bunnies and chickens before, and she provides a wonderful home for these homeless critters. She said she was in need of a lady bunny to pair with an lonely male. Pairing bunnies is important for them to be happy since they’re very social and sensitive animals; and the best pairs are male/female. While Mary was preparing a new habitat for Trixie and her new beau, we were just enjoying having a nice little backyard pet.


Today I took Trixie to the vet for a physical and to have her claws clipped. Guess what?


Meet Trax

Not only is “Trixie” a boy, he’s an UN-NEUTERED boy! This is a pretty good April Fools trick Mr. Trax!



At least this explains why Tony didn’t like him! Tony’s the alpha male around here so he felt threatened by a guy who still had his goodies. Well this will be taken care of Wednesday morning when Mr. Trax goes to the vet again for his “snip-snip” I guess we have a new bunny. There’s no way I’m taking him back to the shelter and Mary can’t accept another male bunny, so WELCOME TRAX to the Burlingame Kitty, Bunny, Chicken Ranch and Turtle Rehabilitation Center. What’s one more, right?








Homeward Bob


Yesterday I took Bob to his forever home!


But I think it’s pweety fun here.

We have really enjoyed having this very sweet kitty visit us for a week. His tail is recovering nicely and he’s finished with his antibiotics. Bob had to be isolated from Tony since Tony is a b*st*rd, but he enjoyed a little interaction with Rowdy, Sammy and Mr. Mulder while he was our houseguest.


I wish I could come out and play!

You’ll remember that my friend’s sister Cathy was the initial rescuer. So I got her address in Millbrook and took Bob for a ride to reunite with his savior.


Thank you Cathy for your kindness.

I dropped the little guy off, and about 30 minutes after delivery his new mommy arrived.



Does this young lady look like a fun mommy or what?

It took four humans to rescue one little bob-tailed cat and it was worth every bit of effort, time and money. Thank you Tina, Cathy and Jenni for helping one of God’s little creatures.  Have a great life Little Bob!

A “Tail” of Two Kitties

Nugget is doing well and I wanted to update you on his progress. Yesterday, after Tina left, he had a very serious talk with me regarding his name. He did not the think his name was appropriate because he had recently been separated from his two favorite “Nuggets” and calling him Nugget reminded him of this fact daily. He suggested a better name and one indicative of his new physique. So we came up with “Bob”. He likes this name much better, plus it has much more street cred than “Nugget”. So heretofore my foster kitty shall be called Bob. Make a note.



Jim came home from work and immediately began to make Bob fall in love with him. They all do. Jim is the Kitty Whisperer and there is not a kitty in Kittydom who can resist his charms.


I weely like dis guy!

Bob is a super sweet little guy. He loves to be scratched and rubbed and told how handsome he is. His lack of tailage does not seem to bother him in the least, and he struts around the office like the stunning creature he is. We can’t let him around the other cats since a scuffle would be bad for his recovery but he did meet Mr. Mulder briefly yesterday and they smelled each other politely without incident.


Mom, I think there’s somebody in there!

We give him his antibiotic twice a day and he will be finished with it by next week. After that, he just needs a safe place for his incision to heal so he can be as good as new. Bob is a champion litterboxer and has been no trouble at all. Please consider adopting this great yellow fellow. Contact me anytime for a visit and a cuddle with our little patient.


Meanwhile we’ll make sure he has plenty of toys to play with. 🙂

A Nugget of Kindness

My friend, neighbor and fellow animal advocate, Tina called me yesterday to tell me a terrible story about a young cat who had been abused and was in need of a place to recuperate. Her sister, Cathy happened upon this little guy whose tail had been badly burned and was infected.

IMG_3717 (327x340)

Out of the kindness of her heart she took him to her vet to be treated and neutered. The vet needed to amputate his tail and “Nugget” needed a place to recuperate until a home could be found for him. This is where Jim and I came in. Tina called and asked if we could keep him for a while and of course we said yes. I fixed up my office and he will stay as long as needs be until he is well enough to go to his forever home.

If you’d like to visit our new houseguest and perhaps decide to make him your own, this would be great. Or if you know of a good home in need of a cute little “Bob” cat, please let them know that we’d love for them to visit.

When I hear about stuff like this my blood boils and my heart breaks. I’ve often said I like animals more than people and it’s partly true. Thank you Tina, and thank your sister for her kindness. Now lets find little Nugget a good home. 🙂


Duck Amuck

For weeks now, some of our Waters neighbors have been seeing Aflac on Sweet Tea lake, or Jake Lake. I’ve been skeptical because Aflac can’t fly and it seems unimaginable that he could walk that far to another lake. Plus this mystery duck has been cavorting with GEESE, and Aflac hangs exclusively with mallards and wood duck in Lake Cameron.


These be my PEEPS!

For non-neighbors, I refer you to an earlier post where I introduced our celebrity water fowl last October.


So imagine my surprise when I spotted a white duck among a flock of geese in Lake Sweet Tea this morning. Well I’ll be gobsmacked! Aflac CAN walk and he DOES enjoy the company of geese!

And then I got a little closer…


Notice the black on his tail.

The picture is fuzzy since I couldn’t get very close, but this new “duck” is completely white and he has black feather’s on his tail. You wouldn’t see the black spot at all if you saw him swimming with his geese buddies, so from a distance he would look almost exactly like Aflac. I did a few tests to confirm my suspicions that he was indeed NOT our pet duck and then I was convinced. First I called him. AAAAAAFFFLAAAAAAC! You’ve no doubt heard a deranged middle-aged mad-woman screaming off her front porch several days a week. When I call for this guy he answers me…WAAAANK, WANK! And he makes a bee-line for my cup full of corn. This fellow walked calmly away from the crazy lady and didn’t even look back.


Is this chick for real?

Another clue to his identity was that he does not waddle like our portly friend. Aflac is, shall we say, “gravitationally challenged” and he walks much like yours truly after a very long and heavy Thanksgiving dinner. This guy strolls smoothly like his geese pals. And the final piece of the puzzle…although I couldn’t capture it on camera, our new friend “flew” a bit as he made his way to the water.

Aflac can’t fly. 😦

So who is this new member of the Waters’ family?


I’m a Snow Goose you dummy!

I googled “white duck with black tail” and was able to identify this guy. Wikipedia has some interesting info on his migration patterns. Knock yourself out.

This information explains his propensity to hang with geese as well. So I say welcome neighbor! We hope you have fun here on your layover and we’d love it if you’d stay a while. There’s always room in Aflac’s posse for another birdy buddy.


And don’t be skeered of that weird lady. She feeds us CORN!

The next order of biz-ness is naming our new friend. Ideas?

(A kind neighbor, Tina, corrected his breed. He’s a Ross’ Goose. Exactly the same duck but a smaller size.) Thanks Tina! So with this new information I think the name of our new friend is clear.

ROSS he is! Now we need to find him a “Rachel”. 🙂