House Stuff

See, I told you I had run out of titles. πŸ™‚

So here are some of the updates on the Green House.


All of the closet shelving is completed and I love how Bobby came up with some creative solutions for the slanted ceiling.

The fireplace is completed except for the mantle. The hearth is made from slate tiles. Zoom in to see how the tile guy managed to put all the colors together. I love this. I wasn’t here when he was doing this or I would have driven him crazy with my “suggestions”. He got lucky on this day.


I think the slate looks good with the brick too.

The wood floors are done except for sanding and staining.


Looking into the sitting room from the bedroom.


Looking into the office from the living room. I love how the boards change direction in each room.

The kitchen is coming together nicely. We did a pretty good job of matching all the wild colors.


More on the mural next time.


Pantry door finally arrived. I love the smokey glass.

We found some crazy Spanish tiles online and decided to install them on the back of the island bar just for fun. No, they have no meaning, and they don’t even really match, but they make us smile.


See the DAY OF THE DEAD (Mexican Holiday) skull fourth from the left? The lizard? Well we just love lizards. πŸ™‚

A wooden bar will be built on top of this with stools for guests to watch the master chef (Jim) cook in this crazy kitchen. No one will ever hire us as decorators. That’s for sure. The house is not “tasteful” by regular standards, but a couple of people have called it “cheerful” and “happy”. I can’t think of a better compliment.

With all the construction going on, we’ve piled lights, plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans etc. all over the Pink House inside and out. If you visit us there you will feel like you’ve walked into a tiny Home Depot. Rowdy discovered this little mirror today and enjoyed looking at the BEAUTIFUL new kitty in the house.


Das one pretty kitty for sure!

Oh Wowdy. πŸ™‚



Tammy Part Five

It is a universal law of physics that kittens attract little girls. Tammy is no exception. Two of my neighbors came over to meet my sweet foster kitten and a good time was had by all.


Kitten Smitten

Miss Chapel & Miss Maryn had a really fun time chasing Miss Tammy and talking baby talk to her.


Tammy even found a way to play hide and seek with the girls. πŸ™‚

Tammy has assimilated into the Burlingame family. Tony only occasionally hisses at her and the fat lady cats tolerate her presence.


Look Mommy! Sammy is letting me drink from the Big Kitty bowl!

I managed to solve one annoying problem this week that only foster kitten parents can relate to. Tammy has her own litter box in the bathroom because I don’t want her to have to use the one for the big kids. Her poops are tiny and cute (trust me) and the grown up kittes…are not! I like to keep hers separate but that is a problem with the other cats discover the new box and think “Oh GREAT I can have a choice for my pooping pleasure!” Sooooo…I invented a trick to thwart the unwanted invaders by taping a piece of cardboard across the opening that leaves only a tiny entrance at the bottom for a small kitten. Plus I put a warning sign on it for good measure.


Now if I can just teach Mulder to read.

Now comes the shameless begging. SOMEONE PLEASE STEP UP AND GIVE THIS KITTY A FOREVER HOME! Two possible options have fallen through. I have two more possibilities but I’m still hoping to find her a home in our neighborhood so I can watch her grow up. This is a very, very special kitten and she has carved a place in our hearts like no other foster baby we’ve ever had. I mean, just LOOK at her!


PWEASE adopt me!

Hey, I’ll even throw in the pink tiger!

Wood Floors

We decided we wanted to spurge on reclaimed heart pine flooring before we ever began planning the house. I’ve seen it in a few houses in our ‘hood and it looks so warm and welcoming. Plus, I like the idea of having a floor with a history. Ours came from a cotton gin in Georgia. It’s at least 100 years old and it has a lot of character.


They cut off the jagged edges so it can be installed evenly. But they leave all the nail holes and imperfections.

They got started yesterday and we’re so pleased with the results so far.


Sitting room off master bedroom


“Nook” in front dormer, master bedroom.


The boards change direction at the top of the stairs leading to our bedroom. I LOVE this!

I leave you today with a picture of Tammy and a tiny creature that hatched while we were visiting my parents this weekend.


Are you a chicken “nugget?”

This little chick was only an hour old. I waited til he had dried off and had some time to get warm under the heat lamp before this photo shoot. Tammy was very gentle and she just touched him and smelled him for about a minute before I put him back. All my kitties have had experiences with chickens and now Tammy is no exception. πŸ™‚



Now comes the time for the shameless begging! I had a possible home for Tammy lined up but it fell through. I am thinking of two of my very close friends who might step forward and offer her a home. (Marcie, Merrilu?) I can’t keep another kitty. I have four now and my fostering capabilities diminish the more cats I keep. Her injuries are almost well and she is scheduled for her “surgery” this week. I will bring her to you even if you live far away. Tammy is special. Not just because she survived a horrible ordeal, but because she is sweet, funny, smart and cute. Not all foster kitties are a joy to us. Some are major pains in the butt-hocks, but this little girl is a wonderful little cat. She needs a GREAT family who will appreciate her and love her to pieces.

I await the onslaught of offers. Lines are open. 334-207-9561

Tammy Part Four

Jim and I went home this weekend to visit the parents. We have an excellent pet sitter but decided that little Tammy should come with us to Mississippi. We had no idea if she would be a good traveler or not.


She was. πŸ™‚

She had her litter box, food & water in the car and she behaved better than any of our other cats do when we travel. Once home we kept her up on our room with the door closed mostly because she’s so tiny and our parent’s house is so big. We didn’t want her to get lost, plus my mom has a dog named Taco who’s in the house all the time. We had no idea how she would react toΒ  him. She did take an immediate shine to Daddy who has a LOT in common with animals.


He smells funny.

She met my sweet cousin Julie Kay who takes care of my parents during the week.


Dis lady is so nice!

Tammy had her little cubby bed and she relaxed and enjoyed being in the room even when no one was holding her.


Upside down kitty! Look at those little paws.

Jim always has a GREAT time when we go home to Purvis. Usually he does plumbing or drywall or electrical projects but THIS time he got to use a chainsaw for the first time ever.


“What I did on my summer vacation”

After we got home Mr. Mulder gave her a much needed bath to get all that Mississippi stank off her.

IMG_E0278 (2)

Gotta make you smell like an Alabumah kitten!

So here’s a little teaser in house news. Our reclaimed heart pine flooring arrived on Thursday. It’s being installed as I write this.

IMG_0280 (2)

We’ve got WOOD!

(Insert joke here)

Tammy Part Three PLUS KNOBS!

Now THAT’S a weird title! First updates on little Tam Tam. She found a colorful friend among my Beanie Baby collection and she thinks he is the perfect companion.


He lets me bite him all I want and he never fights back!


He doesn’t make fun of my wonky ears either.

Tammy had to visit the vet again last week because she had an infection on one of her ears. The road rash tore her ears pretty bad and one spot wasn’t healing. The doc took a piece off the end of her ear and we apply antibiotic ointment twice a day while it heals.

Mulder has taken a shine to her and he keeps trying to pick her up like a mommy kitty and carry her around the house.


Stop it Mulder! You are NOT a mommy! Poor guy has gender identity issues.

The good news is that her broken bone in her leg has grown back together and she is running and playing now. Whew! πŸ™‚

Now on to the house stuff. My kitchen in 80% complete. I got to watch the cabinet guy put on all my KNOBS yesterday! Why so excited? Well, my knobs are pretty awesome. (Did I just say that???)






Kitties (of course)



And drum roll please…




Mr. & Mrs Chicken

There are more, but these are my favorites. The bunnies are upstairs on the coffee bar cabinet doors. πŸ™‚

I’ll save the rest for tomorrow. I know your excitement level can’t take much more so I’ll stop for today. Thanks for looking.



Tammy Part Two

We took Tammy to see Dr. Glasscock on Monday and she got a thorough examination. After an X-ray, Dr. G determined that Tammy had been struck by a car. Her leg was broken, she had bruising on her head and her ears had not been “chewed on” like I suspected–it was road rash from being scraped on the highway. God bless the little girl! I wonder how she was still alive after all that? She weighs one pound and is estimated at around 6 weeks old.


Zoom in to see her pitiful ears.

She’s too young for surgery and Dr. G determined that if we keep her relatively confined and treat her very gently, her little bones might grow back together. She limps slightly when she walks but does not seem to be in pain. In fact, she has the sweetest personality and will sit quietly in our laps for hours purring loudly.

She met another Burlingame kitty who was curious but not too friendly to her. Rowdy has never been maternal toward any of our foster kittens, but she doesn’t act aggressively at all–Just bored.


And you’re here because????

I had high hopes that Tammy would love me best for once. All of our animals have always chosen Jim over me except for Roger the Wonder Hamster (2005-2008). Roger was my pal and enjoyed my company above all others. Jim says this is because Roger had a very tiny brain. 😦


Dis my favorite.

As you can see, Tammy is smitten by the furry human.


Can I pwease stay here?


Jim do you HAVE another shirt?

The good news is that Tammy will probably recover fully. She may walk funny for the rest of her life, but she is fine with that. She loves to eat, she loves human companionship, she’s sweet and very cute. I know one of you lovely people will help her find a home after we have ensured that she is ready for adoption.

So anyone wanna see some new house pictures???


Finally poured the carport and driveway!


Master bath paint color-Sherwin Williams, Ramblin Rose. This is also the color of the laundry room.


Master bath pink granite counter.


Sitting room coffee bar, looking into master bedroom. Sherwin Williams-Naples Yellow


Close up of the coffee bar. Rain Forest Green. Not a true granite. It’s a natural stone called “serpentinite”. Google it. πŸ™‚

Come back in a couple of days for one-stop-shopping at the Burlingame Home Decor Center and Kitten Rescue Ranch!



Rescue on I-85!

Is this title too dramatic? Read ahead and you tell me…

So we’re driving back from the Atlanta airport last evening. It was getting dark but still light enough for Jim to see a small creature sitting on the berm of I-85. He was certain it was a kitten. I was not. Why would a tiny kitten be on this busy highway? I thought it must be some other kind of woodland varmint like a rat or possum. He was going 75 mph and he screeched to a stop on the side of the road, backed up to where he last saw it and jumped out of the car. He again saw it for a moment, then it disappeared. There were cars zooming by and huge 18-wheelers barreling down beside us. While I searched the median, certain that I would find no kittens or any other live animal, Jim searched all around the car. Then he scrambled under the Subaru with a flashlight. Guess what he found up in the frame?


Meet Tammy

I could not believe my eyes. We got her in the car and I held her while Jim drove another hour to get home. She was screaming bloody murder the whole way. I turned on the light to check her out and she had no serious or obvious injuries. The only thing I could tell about her condition is that she was verrrrry skinny and the ends of her ears were apparently chewed on.

As soon as we got home I made her a little kitten hotel suite in our bathroom. Jim crushed up some of our cat food and gave her a dish of water and a makeshift litter box.


Kitty Klub Med

We both held her a lot after we unloaded the car and got ready for bed. We were pooped from our trip, the plane ride, and the roadside rescue adventure. She sat in our laps and let us pet her and then began purring loudly. Eventually we put her in her little cubby-hole. She cried a bit more, then finally fell asleep.


I so HUNGWY! Nom Nom Nom

This morning when I went to check on her, there was a tiny kitty pee & poop in her litter box. What a smart baby! We put her in bed with us while we drank coffee and read. She was perfectly content. Mulder came up to say Hi, but seemed unimpressed. He will warm up to her later and become sweet “Uncle Mulder” as always.


You smell like “interstate”.

We were trying to think of a good name this morning. We were exploring a few themes regarding highways, evasion, rescue, danger, bravery, etc. And finally Jim asked me to mention some “cute southern country girl names.” He’s a Yankee you see, so this doesn’t come second nature to him. I rattled off Dolly, Bobby Sue, Jolene, Dixie, etc. When I said “Tammy” he stopped me. “That’s it!” Who knows what goes on in that boy’s mind, but TAMMY stuck.

She has a vet appointment today at 2:00 and I’ll run by the store for some proper kitten food. I guess we have a new baby for a while. We’ll keep her until she can be spayed and until she’s had all her shots and meds. Meantime, I hope I can find a great home for this little warrior. Please consider adding to your family, or at least sharing this story with friends who might.

Do I have lots of new stuff to post about our house? You bet! But this is Tammy’s day, so you’ll have to check back later for info on the Green House. πŸ™‚